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Our concrete driveways provide longevity and compliment all new residential designs with various styles and paint options, from exposed aggregates to coloured concrete. We can help you design and build the ideal driveway for your home or business. A full driveway installation service, including drilling, draining, concrete pouring, cutting, washing, and sealing, is provided by Decorative Concrete.

Within an affordable budget range, we deliver versatile style and form choices, and best of all, the maintenance is easy. Our art’s value is our honour, and you can rely on the quality of our cement driveways. Pro Driveways Gold Coast helpful team can ensure that the project is completed on schedule and above standards.

  • Provide longevity and compliment new architectures for housing 
  • A wide variety of versatile options in style, form, and colour
  • We have a full installation service for driveways. 
  • An affordable budget set 
  • You can depend on the efficiency of our driveway.

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It is a smart decision to choose a concrete driveway. It not only looks fantastic, but it’s inexpensive as well. It doesn’t mean its entirely maintenance-free, and after years of use, you could find that it needs a little TLC. Enable us to keep it running at its best and looking as fair as the day you got it, whether you have a white, coloured, or exposed aggregate concrete driveway.
You want to pick a robust material that can bear the test of time when it comes to constructing your driveway. As the average useful life of a new concrete driveway will last up to 35 years, concrete is a fantastic choice. 
Your concrete driveway will continue in excellent shape for as long as 50 years (and even more) with the right treatment and upkeep.
In particular, during our warm Australian summers, the cement’s most significant benefit is that it doesn’t change its structure at high temperatures. Currently, concrete keeps relatively cold and is an excellent option for homes in Gold Coast.

Driveway maintenance

There will be some repairs and daily cleaning if you want your classic concrete driveway in Gold Coast to last. By pouring water with a garden hose, you need to clean your driveway with a brush to remove the gravel. 

Any oil stains coming from your vehicle can quickly wash off with a quick spray after you have sealed your driveway correctly. Overall having a concrete driveway will provide your home with versatility, visual beauty, and great value.

If you want to remain in great shape for decades with your classic concrete driveway in Gold Coast, look for trained driveway experts who have vast concrete experience. 

You can check how long it will take for the concrete to recover, in addition to talking about labour and material figures, so you can get a general picture of when you will be able to start using your new driveway. Be sure to do the following to get the best out of yours:

Avoid heavyweights

If they cross it regularly, heavy loads, such as big trucks and buses, will impose a tremendous amount of burden on a driveway. It can trigger ruts and splits. For more extended periods on your driveway, stop parking cars like this.

Treat spills as soon as possible.

On a driveway, there’s nothing unsightlier than a large, hideous smear, whether it’s from additives or oil stains. To avoid a resurfacing until your driveway, you can be sure to handle stains as it occurs. For a few hours, cover stains like cat litter with absorbent material. After that, you can dispose of the soiled materials and clean the area with a traditional household detergent. 

Treat even small cracks immediately.

Before you know it, a small crack will become a large one, and it is normal for weeds to start growing overnight in these areas, making any repair more problematic as it would bring water into the field. Let this not happen.

Make the driveway repair experts in Pro Driveways Gold Coast. For something linked to the driveway, email us today so that we can assist.

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